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En, good, good. Li Nianweis mother gently smoothed Li Nianweis slightly disheveled hair, sounding like she was going to cry. Our Nianwei is always a very understanding and good girl. Im sure you wont become Young Master Dalis burden. But your marriage She looked at Tang Muxin and sighed softly, clearly not daring to let others hear her. After all, Li Nianwei was her only daughter. She had to get married sooner or later. If she could marry the kind Young Master, Hong Dali, that would be perfect. But she was slightly despondent since Hong Dali already had a legitimate fiancee, Tang Muxin.


Yes, yes, yes. The middle-aged man nodded vehemently. Young Master looks like a man who does big business. The shop is useless in my hands. If you take over, with your wealth and connections, you are sure to be able to find a better supply channel. By then, the shop might be able to make a profit under you. Do you think


“Little rascal!” Lan Ruoxi ferociously stepped on Hong Dali’s foot. “What else can be done, of course it’s the matter of making babies! You’re already an adult at eighteen years old. It’s time for a girlfriend. There are so many beautiful ladies beside you, and Tang Muxin is your fiancée. Can’t you spare a thought for your mother’s feelings? You should at least have done one of them!”


“OK, good.” Old Elder nodded and said, “Ask Hellfire to head towards Faerie Star and pay a visit to Green Pheonix, Kris Sudarian. Also, send out word that anyone who can provide true information of this super-genius will be rewarded with five million Galaxy Dollars.”


He was so upset he almost cried. Luckily, just at this crucial moment, when Tianyi was at his most desperate, he saw a figure out of the corner of his eye!


This area was hundreds of thousands of square meters big and surrounded by a circle of viewing galleries. At this time, the galleries were filled with spectators as well as relatives and friends of the fighters who had come to compete for a place among the Honorary Aristocrats.

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They attracted a lot of attention on the wayit was common for people to bring their pets out. But it was rare to see one so big


A head worker loudly shouted, “Hey, fellows, work faster. After we finish this, we can rest for the day.”


“That’s right.” The third Elder lowered his voice and said, “To be frank, we are only a proxy for this Milky Way Virtual Network. If we really directly interfere internally, I fear that it will become very troublesome…”


Is that a Golden-armored Green-eyed Tiger?! Its so ferocious! Heavens, its horrifying!


A head worker loudly shouted, “Hey, fellows, work faster. After we finish this, we can rest for the day.”


Since he had become her boyfriend, he could not leave Jiang Qianxue out. Hong Dali said, “Qianxue, you pick out a suit of armor too. Anyway, I have no use for them even if I keep them.”


As he spoke he took the little prodigal bird Acka out from his bag. Acka was sleeping after having eaten an unknown amount of thingsHong Dali would soon find out what he ate. He took a close look and was devastated



“Wrong!” Hong Dali chuckled. “Drinking wine is an art. This is good wine, but it cannot be drunk without a good receptacle! Mister prodigal, you are so careless about wines. All you do is gulp it like a brute. That will not do, it’s too unsightly. No, no! Wines must be matched with a complementing receptacle. Your cup must match your wine!”



Tsk tsk, level twenty-two of the Tower of Trials, cleared on the thirty-fourth attempt. Incredible. With his talent, he is sure to advance to yellow-level Honorary Aristocrat on January 12 when the assessment is held.


She could be considered a talent when it came to learning martial arts, and yet she had only managed to get past level nineteen despite having already tried her best.


Tianyi, who got snubbed by Mister Gate, sat leisurely on a chair. He attracted the attention of countless girls. Apart from the fact that he was rather good-looking, the important thing was his identity as an Honorary Aristocrat.

  • Yes, Grandpa. Jiang Qianxue nodded. This time she considered for a longer time and then she cheered up. Her eyes were once again bright. She smiled and said, I understand now. I know what I should do now.
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